Updates from Friends of Jaime Arroyo
Jan 2 2024

Jaime Arroyo Sworn In for Second Term on Lancaster City Council, Named Council Vice President

Pledges Continued Advocacy for Equity and Progress

This evening Jaime Arroyo, a steadfast advocate for equity and community-driven progress, was sworn in for his second term on the Lancaster City Council. His unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity, economic empowerment, and opportunity for all has solidified his position as a transformative leader within the community.

“As I embark on this second term, I am deeply honored and humbled by the trust and support of the people of Lancaster,” said Jaime Arroyo. “Together, we have accomplished much, but there is still work to be done. I am dedicated to continuing the journey toward a more equitable and prosperous Lancaster City.”

Arroyo’s journey, rooted in his family’s pursuit of a better life, epitomizes resilience and determination. His leadership roles both on City Council and as CEO of ASSETS, a local nonprofit empowering women and BIPOC entrepreneurs, have been marked by a relentless pursuit of positive change.

During his tenure, Arroyo has spearheaded initiatives addressing critical issues facing the city, including the COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund and pivotal changes to housing ordinances, prioritizing lead poisoning prevention and rental property maintenance. His commitment to leveraging American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for affordable housing and community facilities has been instrumental in uplifting the community during challenging times.

Arroyo’s dedication extends beyond his professional pursuits, finding inspiration in his family and a deep-rooted commitment to shaping a better future for generations to come. His vision for Lancaster City remains steadfast—a place of inclusivity, prosperity, and endless opportunities.

As Arroyo embarks on his second term, his pledge to uphold equity, access, and opportunity for all resonates strongly within the community. He continues to work toward a future for Lancaster City that embraces diversity and champions the aspirations of every individual.